Potty Time With Bear is a Bear in the Big Blue House DVD release containing 3 episodes from Season 2.

It is a re-release of Potty Time With Bear, with minor differences.

With this being the final home media release of Potty Time With Bear, it is the most commonly and widely purchased version of the release.


  1. When You've Got To Go
  2. If At First You Don't Succeed...
  3. Call It A Day

Bonus Features

  • Sing-along songs of Your Potty Chair, What's That Smell?, The Toileteers, and Welcome to the Big Blue House with on-screen lyrics.
  • Spanish language track
  • Register Your DVD

Notable Differences Between 2006 and 2004 releases

All changes in this version are to do with the artwork

  • "Potty Time With Bear" wordmark is now shiny yellow rather than static white.
  • Bear In The Big Blue House logo now has white drop shadow
  • "Bear Benefits" bullet list in bottom left hand corner has been added
  • Back artwork is almost entirely different, being Bears face is now on the right instead of left, the summary font is different, now features screenshots of episodes.
  • Disney DVD logo is now on the box art
  • Disc label has is entirely different.

DVD Release

Shapes, Sounds & Colors with Bear! (2004 DVD)

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